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Agitators for water treatment

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This program permits selecting a mixer/agitator, for a large number of applications in the Water Treatment area, by simply entering the application data.

The A.P.P.L.E. program has been conceived for operators in this industrial sector who, while not experienced in designing agitators, need to quickly define the type and price of an agitator for proposal, specifications or job.

A.P.P.L.E. program

A.P.P.L.E. is a program based on the fluid mechanics response obtained in an agitated vessel, starting from the limiting factors contained in any process.

Generally speaking, the mixing of a fluid can be split into five basic categories, to which correspond an equal number of physical and chemical-physical primary processes:

# Categories Physical and chemical-physical processes
1 Mixing liquids and solids Suspension of solids, dissolution
2 Mixing liquids and gases Dispersion of gases
3 Mixing immiscible liquids Emulsion, dispersion of phases
4 Mixing miscible liquids Equalization, reaction
5 Movement of a fluid Homogenisation, heat exchange, viscous agitation, rapid fluid circulation

The GreenLine range of agitators, matches the mixing requirements relating to categories 1, 4, 5 and for liquids with reduced viscosity. For example, a sludge mix is a suspension of solids in a certain volume, with usually continuous tank operation and a specific time of residence, or else with batch operation with a required mixing time.

The sensible processes of denitrification (until 120 m³) and flocculation (primary max 20 m³, secondary max 40 m³), belong to categories considered in the A.P.P.L.E. program.

Various sensitive parameters exist as regards Water Treatment: among these, some on which the program works have been shown, such as the geometric relations between the diameter of the impeller and the equivalent diameter of the tank, the distance from the bottom, the tip speed of the impeller, operation during the transit of the liquid level through the impeller and, above all, the theoretical average upward velocity of the fluid in the section of the tank between the edge of the impeller and the tank wall.

The extensive know-how acquired has made it possible to optimise these parameters which, together with the use of the most modern performing impellers in terms of efficiency, and GreenLine standardisation, have resulted in the creation of a sophisticated selection program.

The program selects agitators featuring a single impeller: as a consequence two limits of applicability govern. One related to the viscosity of the fluid (to always be indicated even if estimated). The other one related to the shape of the container (the relation between total height and equivalent diameter of the tank must always have a max value of 1.5 beyond which limit the selection of the mixer must be validated by technical division).

In case of lack of data about the tank, providing the program with liquid volume only, starting from 1 m³ the optimal data of a shape favourable to agitation are supplied by the program, both for tank and sump, and thus the program selects the machine most suitable for the required process in that shape.

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Summary of program limits

  • Applications relating only to processes and auxiliaries in the Water Treatment industry.
  • Specify bottom volume.
  • Square or cilindric tank.
  • Volumes up to 180 m³: each process is limited by a own max volume.
  • Having preset the direction of downward thrust of the GreenLine range of impellers, the program does not alert the operator in case of continuous process with critical residence time, about the need to adopt a direction of upward thrust if liquid entry and exit are positioned in a way unfavourable to hold-up.
  • Density and viscosity (max 5000 cP) help restrict the applicability of a machine.
  • Non imputability of “Camp Number” or “G-factor” as guiding factors for the choice of agitator inasmuch as these are elements not relatable to modern agitation, which is based more on energy conveyance than on the theoretical unitary power, but more practically on the dissipated power where this is generated by each single blade shape.
  • Choice made between PRO-DO-MIX mixers series.


The program provides the most cost-effective selection as default. In the event of the program not finding any suitable selections for the process and for the recipient's geometry, this edits a negative research result. The client can always contact PRO-DO-MIX for a customized sizing mixer.Other than the suitable mixers for your application, between which one selection represents the cheaper choice.

Moreover it is possible to activate a contact with PRO-DO-MIX to get some technical infos or an offer for the selected agitators or at last to become with A.P.P.L.E. self made man in mixing planning.


To create your account on the A.P.P.L.E. PRO-DO-MIX software, please compile the form. Data must be confirmed manually by our staff. You will be contacted when your account will be enabled at maximum in 48 hours.